Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Classroom is Busy!

Parent Updates

We have been working hard setting our class routines.  I hope you found PIN night informative.  A lot goes on during our first grade day.
  • Thursday, September 22 is Dot Day....wear your polka dots to school
  • September 27th is picture day

Language Arts

  • Continued to work on building our stamina for "Read to Self".  We are up to 9 minutes.
  • Worked on "Read to Someone".  Reviewed expectations and learned what "EEKK" reading looks and sounds like.  Ask your child what "EEKK" is.
  • Continued reviewing consonant sounds and letter sounds in our Fundations program"  s, e, r, p, j, h & k
  • Learned that "When we're done we just begun" in writer's workshop.  We learned to go back and revise our stories by asking questions.
  • Talked about spelling strategies that we can use when we are writing:  tap and write, word wall, use small words we know, and got our green word dictionaries.
  • Began taking our Poem Notebooks home
  • Continued reading stories
  • Started our first chapter book "My Father's Dragon"

  • Continued working with "add to" and "put together problems"
  • Began working on "Both Addends Unknown" problems

  • Played the games "How many am I hiding?" and "Counters in a Cup"

Social Studies

  • Created our classroom rules
  • Read a Scholastic News about feelings in the classroom

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