Tuesday, January 26, 2016


We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Kibo with Mrs. Gorden in the library!  Kibo is a robot that responds to code.  To build on our "hour of code" from back in December, we brought the children down to the library to meet Kibo and design code to move it.

The students had to think like engineers.  They had to work together to:  ask questions, imagine, plan, create, test & improve and share.  The conversations were amazing!

Thank you MCPE for supporting this grant!

Here is a short video of one group testing their code.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year!

We have begun the new year full speed ahead!  Room 11 has built a tremendous classroom culture.  Those that have volunteered to help in the classroom have commented on what a great class we have and I couldn't agree more!

Things to Note:

  • Check out our "class reporters"!  You will find videos that they created on their own to show you what we are learning in Room 11.  They are embedded below.
  • Please send back Booktime books on Wednesday.  It is part of our center routine on Wednesdays, unless I am not there and then we do it on Thursday.
  • Look for our new classroom pet "Snowball" to be coming home for weekend visits.                                                            
  • Pajama day was a hit!  Here they are reading to their stuffed animals

Language Arts

  • Continued work with the digraphs wh, ch, sh, th & ck

  • Worked with the "glued sounds" - all, -am & an
  • Introduced the concept of a suffix:  an ending added to a base word.  We are working with the suffix (-s) to show more than one; making a word plural
  • Continued to talk about characters and settings
  • Finished up our small moment unit in writer's workshop.  We looked at authors' to discover how they write.  
  • Learned how to use ellipses (...), make our words bold, & show movement in our words


    • We continued to bring our characters to life


    • Worked with addition & subtraction
    • Focused on a variety of strategies: doubles, doubles plus 1 & 2, make 10, open number line
    • Continue to show our thinking on paper 

    Social Studies

    • Learned about the pilgrims:  why they left England, how they traveled, what they learned from the Native Americans, what the first Thanksgiving was like
    • Talked about things we were thankful for