Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Thank you so much to the room parents that planned and helped out to make our Halloween party a great one!  Can you guess who is behind the masks???

Monday, October 24, 2016

Flying Through October!!!

Parent Updates

  • Be sure to send homework and the signed homework sheet back to school on Fridays
  • Please send your child's halloween costume to school on Monday.  All makeup should be done at home.
  • Memorial's Halloween Parade is scheduled for 9:30 on Halloween

Literacy Updates

  • Continued learning to "tap to read" and "tap to spell" with CVC words
  • Continued framing our sentences with capitals and end marks
  • Learned how digraphs are two consonants that work to make one sound.  We learned wh, ch, th, sh & ck
  • Focused on trick words.  Remember students need to be able to read and spell these words accurately.  They will come home on a list of other words.  Keep these and practice these words. (a, the, and, his, is, as, has, in & into)
  • Learned how to make our small moment stories come to life by making our characters move and talk
  • Finished Elmer and the Dragon.  Began The Dragons of Blueland.


  • Continued solving story problems
  • Learned how to solve compare problems
  • Continued learning addition strategies:  doubles, doubles plus 1 and addends in any order
  • Here is an explanation of doubles 

 Social Studies

  • Continued with Scholastic News
  • Read several stories about Christopher Columbus
  • Wrote facts about Christopher Columbus
  • Talked about "calming down" strategies in Open Circle

Monday, October 3, 2016

Going Strong!

Parent Updates

  • Don't forget to return poem notebooks to school
  • Please send the red home/school folder to school everyday
  • No school October 10th:  Columbus Day
  • No school October 12th:  Yom Kippur
Language Arts

  • Continued learning different centers:  listening center, word work center and many more
  • Completed reviewing the consonants with v, x, y & z
  • Began learning how to "tap to read" & "tap to spell" with short vowel (CVC) words
  • Learned how to "frame our thought" with a capital and end mark
  • Continued writing small moment stories; learned to write "seed stories" not "watermelon stories"
  • Learned how writing partners can help plan and revise our stories
  • Finished "My Father's Dragon" and began "Elmer and the Dragon"

  • Continued working on "Add To", "Put Together" and "Both Addend Unknown" story problems
  • Began working with "Take From" story problems
  • Continued to work on ways to show our thinking
  • Began focusing on strategies for solving addition problems.  Our first strategy is counting on; using numbers and number lines
  • Used legos to show counting on                 

Social Studies

  • Talked about "expected" and "unexpected" behaviors and how it makes people around us feel
  • Read scholastic news magazines on "friends" and author "Kevin Henkes"