Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Is In the Air

Parent Updates

  • Don't forget to send Booktime Books on Wednesdays
  • This is some creative building and team work!
  • What a great visit from Curious Creatures.  This has us thinking about researching our own animals.  We even started getting books out of the library.  Can't wait to learn all about new animals!


  • Working on long vowel sounds.  Focusing on magic silent E.
  • Learned about vowel teams - focusing on ai, ay, ee, ea, ey
  • Learned about new suffixes in addition to (s):  (ed) and (ing)
  • Working on what readers do before reading, during reading and after reading
Before I read...
  • I can look closely at the cover (front and back) and think about the title
  • I can think about who is in the story  
  • I can think about what might happen (i.e. goal, wish, problem)
While I read...
  • I can think about what I am learning about the characters
    • What are they doing?
    • How are they changing?
  • I can think about what is happening  
    • What has been happening so far in the story?
    • What might happen next?
After I read...
  •  I can think about how the story ended
  • I can think if the character changed or learned something
  • I can think about what the story reminds me of

  • Finished information writing in writer's workshop
  • Began working on opinion writing using the collections they brought in

  • Continue solving story problems
  • Started new compare problems
  • Worked at solving two-digit addition problems using a variety of strategies: hundreds chart, open number line, place value blocks.
  • Here are some samples...

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