Monday, December 12, 2016

Amazing Happenings In Room 11!

Parent Updates

  • I hope you found conferences informative.  Please be sure to return the signed progress report envelopes
  • Please be sure to send Booktime Books in to school on Wednesdays.  It is the only day we do this unless we run out of time, then we do it on Thursday
  • The weather is getting cold, please be sure to send your child dressed for the weather.  We go out everyday unless the weather is poor
  • In art the class worked hard on making pinch pots.  We then wrote "how to" stories to describe the process.  Here are some more explanations.


  • We are working on being flexible readers.  When one strategy doesn't work, we try another.  We ask ourselves "Does it Look Right?  Sound Right?  Make Sense?"
  • Worked on learning about "Glued Sounds".  These sounds keep their sounds but are "glued" together:  -all, -am & -an
  • Continued to work on trick words.  Please practice any missed words from the list sent home. In addition we have learned:  from, have, do & does
  • Continued to work on having our characters come to life during writer's workshop
  • Learned how to learn from mentor authors.  Discovered how to use:  bold words, movement in words, ellipses & exact words
  • Finished all the "My Father's Dragon" books.  Started "Gooseberry Park".


  • Continued to solve story problems
  • Worked on solving Addend Unknown story problems
  • Worked on subtraction strategies:  "count back" on the number line, "count on" on the number line, "make 10" counting back, "make 10" counting on & think addition to solve subtraction
  • Worked with fact families.  If you know how to fill a part-part-whole can use thparts and whole you know to solve problems 

Social Studies

  • Learned about Veteran's Day.  Had guests come and teach us about the five branches of military and about the different jobs that people do.
  • Learned about the pilgrims and why the chose to come to the New World.  Watched Mrs. Paget's Thanksgiving Play.  Read Thanksgiving stories

  • Began learning about Solids.  So far we learned that solids have the properties:  color, shape, roll & stack and hardness

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